About Human Potentials Unlimited's Industry Aggregation model

Human Potential Unlimited ("HPU") is a global aggregation corporation focused on helping people and organizations unleash their greatest asset: their unlimited, personal and professional, human potential.

Simply put, Industry Aggregation is the bringing together of strategically similar businesses under one public entity to create greater sales, profits, efficiencies, cost savings, purchasing power, access to finance, and more lucrative exit strategies for their entrepreneurs and key personnel.

To find out more about how industry aggregation works, click the link. To read about how industry aggregation can benefit your company, click here.

Human Potentials Unlimited is just one of our ten industry aggregations.  Click here to learn more about Industry Aggregations.

Our Vision and Mission.

Find out more about our Vision and the Mission which drive us.

Strategies & Tactics

HPU's strategy for carrying out its mission is to employ its aggregation model to build an industry juggernaut in which each entity continues to operate as before. HPU's goal is not to interfere with your winning formula but rather to provide the resources you need to accelerate it. Specifically, HPU will assist member and partner companies by helping them to:

- Increase revenues

- Decrease operating costs

- Access important resources such as capital and talent

- Create further synergies through collaboration with other successful companies

- Maximize their wealth through a liquidity event.

Our Team

HPU's executive staff has a wealth of combined business experience relevant to industry aggregation and the human potentials field. To find out more about us click HPU Team.

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